MK Mattias

Spitting Image

Don't open the fridge. And never trust you mother.

Australian art restorer Simone Darling has an empty bank account, a boring boyfriend, and an irrational fear of Florida, capital of vice and crime. Nothing—not even a family get-together—can induce her to set foot in the Sunshine State. But when her mother, newly married to a secretive man with a shady background, offers her a quick art restoration job for a lot of $$$, she reconsiders. With her boyfriend Kevin in tow and much trepidation, she arrives in Miami.

To her relief all seems normal—until she finds a man in her mother’s fridge. A man who is not only dead, but a dead ringer for Kevin. Too late she realizes someone has set a trap—and her unsuspecting boyfriend has become the target. But who is out to get him?  

Drug smugglers? 
The FBI? 
Her mother
Trying to stay one step ahead of their pursuers, Simone and Kevin embark on a hilarious and dangerous adventure from Miami to Key West while trying to rekindle their passion and survive a crazy family reunion marked by murder and mayhem.



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